Business innovation and transformation services.


Internet of Things

  • Predictive Analytics & Reporting
  • Security Management
  • Digital Strategy
  • Process Automation & Optimization

Engagement & Gamification

  • Engagement & Social Strategy
  • Gamification Architecture & Solution
  • Rewards & Loyalty Programs
  • Analytics & Reporting

Smart Collaboration

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Customer & Partner Collaboration
  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Continuous Learning Communities

Learning & Development

  • Employee, Partner, Sales, and Customer Enablement
  • L&D SaaS Cloud
  • Mobile Content Creation Apps
  • Training Ops Automation & Metrics

About GENI

GENI provides strategic business and technology consulting services focused on business innovation and transformation. We help you to continuously align your strategic vision and operation excellence in meeting the needs of your employees, partners, and customers.

In the 21st century connected world, businesses that thrive are those that bring technology enabled business innovation and transformation in their entire ecosystem of employees, partners, customers, and vendors. Enterprises and organizations have to continuously innovate and transform themselves to be more agile and responsive to changing market conditions and customer needs. GENI’s business innovation thought leaders, technology architects, change management & training specialists, data scientists, and digital transformation experts can partner with you to enable your success!